Felony Melony


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Tamar-Kali – “Pearl”


I love this song……..

How come they won’t promote great artists like this on BET…I’ll never know. Fucking BET.

Because if more Black people realized that there’s more than one way to “be Black” (or, in layman terms, to EXIST period) then they’ll lose a big chunk of mindless, vapid consumers and might even have a full scale revolution on their hands.

Promote race conformity and you’ll have nice little consumers who’ll never question anything. Even though the Internet has maybe already started to change ALL of that already…

Anyway, this is “Pearl” by Tamar-Kali.

Poly Styrene/Pauline Black


Chrissie Hyde – The Pretenders

Debbie Harry – Blondie

Viv Albertine – The Slits

Siouxsie Sioux – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Poly Styrene – X-ray Spex

Pauline Black – The Selecter




Photo by Michael Putland

Betty Davis


betty davis made an incredible record in 1976, is it love or desire, shelved until 2009 when light in the attic released it.

the records next to her are: jimi hendrix (electric ladyland), miles davis (?), betty davis (nasty gal 1973).