but what can i say? i chuckle when @blackamazon talks of black folks aversion to weirdness…coz latinos are the same way.

please tell me, ive been a fucking oddball my whole life. theres no fucking “quirky girl” niche for latinas (from a latin american standpoint) unless you have a certain kinda class privilege. everyone else: FUCK YOU. we will throw rocks at you, constantly criticize and make up rumours about how youre a devil-worshipping druggy. we dont take kindly to “strange” people ‘round here. lol

they were all hoping i would “grow out of” my strangeness coz i have “so much potential” to be a perfectly good, normal woman.


black sheep should be my URL, maybe.

And the “strangeness” is usually nerdiness, like being a Trekkie/video game nerd/D&D player (I’ve had someone my age tell me it’s the Devil’s work. No lie.)

And the thing is, our “strange” is usually innovative AROUND THE WORLD.

word. everyone who knows me from way back always jokes how everything i did 15 years ago and was chided for heavily is so in now. we tend to be on the forefront. and we pay the price. its not until the right (white) people pick it up that its “acceptable” and even then many times, its implied its only for them. :/

Exactly. When we do our own thing, we’re derided as horrible and wrong by white mainstream until somebody white makes it “okay” for them to like it. See Elvis, Eminiem, Adele. And then, once they get that great white hope, they make it all about them and act like we are some cheap imitation of their half assed appropriated bullshit.

Alexis Brown


This me and Alexis Brown singer from Straight Line Stitch.. She’s the fucking best honestly, greatest night of my life because I was so close to them when they were playing I had to put my foot on the stage to keep balance from the madness behind me. After the show me and my buddies asked if they wanted to smoke weed and they said HELL YEA… I pretty much died after that because we went into their trailer and smoke five bowls and talked to them for awhile..I’m still in shock and it happened on Thursday night lol

STRAIGHT LINE STITCH!! Look them up on YouTube if you like metal

Also heads up to sever this illusion and chockout because they did an awesome job as well that night!