Pauline Black


Pauline Black in a checkered dress ,founding member of The Selecter who were formed in 1979 and described as leaders of the ska revival movement with,The Specials and Madness. 

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Shingai Shoniwa


Noisettes @ Salon / 23.02.2013

İstanbul’a ikinci ziyaretini First Sensations City Beats konserleri kapsamında gerçekleştirdi Noisettes. Freshtival’da hayran kaldığım Shingai Shoniwa’yı çok daha yakından görmek iyi geldi. Sahnede müthiş bir enerjiye sahip. Salon’a ayaklarımı sürüyerek, yorgunluk ve moralsizlikle gitmiştim. Shoniwa parmağını bana doğrultup gülümseyerek poz verdiğinde ne yorgunluk kaldı ne can sıkıntısı. Muhtemelen salondaki herkes benim gibi hissetmiştir. Beni kendime getirdiği için bütün gece içimden sarıldım ona.

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Betty Davis


Betty Davis

‘Born in Pittsburgh, Davis fell in love with music thanks to her grandmother’s record collection and wrote her first song at age twelve. After moving to New York at sixteen to attend FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) Davis made ends meet as a model, landing in Seventeen and Ebony.

During her heyday in the 1970s, Davis was known as much for her brash, sexually-charged lyrics as her freewheeling style: platform boots, psychedelic prints, Daisy Dukes and, always, a giant afro.’

Betty Davis


Betty Davis

Funk and R&B singer Betty Davis was influenced by close friends like Jimi Hendrix and her ex-husband, jazz legend Miles Davis.

Black Women Rock is a living tribute to Betty Davis — one rocking Black woman.

Davis, at one point married to legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, influenced his music and went on to create a sound and imagery all her own. An icon to pioneering Black rock figures ever since, Davis is still largely unknown. BWR is a reminder.

Moore says BWR is a tribute to the “amazing lights, so many Amazon women” who are not in the mainstream.

Brooklyn-based punk artist Tamar-kali, a BWR vocalist and guitar player, says the “ground breaking and self-defining music” of Davis parallels the lives of many of the BWR artists.

“I hope to continue the legacy of Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Betty Davis,” Kali told the Michigan Citizen. “So we can (understand) that iconography or imagery is in line with true artistry.”

BWR reminds us that though the path for Black women, artists and otherwise, can be daunting, it’s not crippling.

“Despite what some say, I believe Black women always have to fight a little bit harder. Have to love a little bit deeper. Have to stand a little bit stronger. We know how to make the best out of any bad situation. There is a collective experience that deep down we understand,” says Steffanie Christi’an of BWR, who attended the African-centered Aisha Shule/W.E.B. Dubois Prepatory Academy and Wayne State University.

Alexis Brown


Don’t be afraid of the dark,
You’re still held up by the stars.
The light will carry you over.

Alexis Brown

Straight Line Stitch

Adiam – “Money Talks”


Adiam Dymott with Augustifamiljen AC/DC “Money Talks” cover på spåret

[ thanks to some youtube digging and sniffing around facebook fan pages I was able to find this super rare Adiam Dymott cover of AC/DC’s “Money Talks” ripped from Swedish television from back in January of 2012. It took me over a YEAR to discover this clip’s existence and I’m a huge Adiam fan. I hope that she is making music somewhere, somehow, would LOVE a proper studio LP follow-up to her 2009 album ]