Asli Omar


You can see The Tontons for yourself at Pushermania’s Free Week at the Frontier Bar night 3! Saturday Jan 12th 2013 Do yourself a favor and come experience the magic at hand. 2013 is the year of THE TONTONS.

Asli Omar


The Tontons of Houston visited San Antonio last night. They were golden!! #momentthiefphotography #tontons #nofilter

Asli Omar


#tontons at #homegrownfest and she is super hot #dallas #texasmusic #supportthelocals (at Main Street Garden)

Brittany Howard


Alabama Shakes at Cabooze Outdoor Plaza, 7/28/13

As the Alabama Shakes unfurled the steady, elliptical riff of their hit, “Hold On,” the sun set behind the crowd at the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza Sunday night, and it briefly felt as if the whole world was in sync. The sky was awash with shades of pink and orange, the stage lights cast the band in bright red, and the whole crowd seemed to sway in unison, the majority of them singing along to the song. Such is the effect the Athens quartet can have on its fans.

Of course, such things are fleeting, even with a band like the Alabama Shakes, who almost certainly are at their best when playing in person, rather than merely on record. For most the rest of their show last night, it was singer Brittany Howard who provided most of the fireworks, and at times, that proved a bit of a problem. As gifted as she may be, even she alone couldn’t make the world stop turning.”

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