Shingai Shoniwa


You still have to wait for about 5 more days to get Issue#4 curated by Shingai Shoniwa & Marques Toliver. They’ve put their hearts and souls into this beautiful issue. Part I of Mixtape #4 is here ‘Tropical Metropolis AF9000’:

Davina Robinson


Rock and Soul artist- Davina Robinson
I actually picked this pic. because I thought she was a black vampire…
She is not.

Straight Line Stitch


This show is FREE!!
No Cover!!
21 and up!!

Did I mention its F R E E??!
Show SLS some love, South Texas!!

Alexis Brown


Straight Line Stitch 8/16/13

They were amazing! The down side was that they only played about 5 songs due to an emergency with the other band members, luckily for them, they found that awesome drummer guy who knew at LEAST those 5 songs. (Conversion, Promise Me, Taste of Ashes, Never See the Day, Laughing In The Rearview). Nonetheless they did not disappoint  If they stop by to tour in your area, I highly recommend you see them!

Alexis Brown



I get really frustrated at the lack of black women in metal, hardcore, rock (and other such genres). Do we not have a place in music unless its for us to shake our asses and flash our tits. On a side note I dont think Straight Line Stitch has been mentioned at all (I could be wrong). An amazing band fronted by a kick ass black chick whose singing and screaming can outdo any man!

(Straight Line Stitch has been mentioned a couple of times and Alexis separately too, check out the tag if you’re interested 🙂 )