Janelle Monáe

What do you do when you're stressed?

“I live in Atlanta, so I have lil turnup sessions with my friends where I would go turn on a lil rap music and just go crazy. We have fun. But I also do yoga, I allow myself to get frustrated for like 3 minutes and I’m like, ”Ok, Janelle… You got 3 minutes. Get it together.” I have to talk to myself. But when I’m too stressed I’m like, “I need to take a break. I just need to take a break, go call your grandmother, go call home.”  because your tribe, they take you back. They remind you of how blessed you are and the struggle they went through so that you can make it to where you are today.” – Janelle Monae

Watch Death Metal Angola () online – Amazon Instant Video

Watch Death Metal Angola () online – Amazon Instant Video

Sister Rosetta Tharpe








Chuck Berry

Rock n Roll was originally Black music.

thank you

Yes, him and little Richard never get their due smh

except…chuck berry didn’t invent rock n roll…

Sister Rosetta Tharpe predates both chuck berry and little richard by quite a few years

Two of Tharpe’s hit songs were released in like 1944-45 when Chuck Berry was a) incarcerated and b) still a high school student, Tharpe basically discovered Little Richard, and she’s referred to as the godmother of rock n roll

lol just

throwin that out there


but Sister Rosetta was a woman and queer… so Black men will totally overlook her.

rock music was created by a black bisexual woman

She influenced them all.

I see that your website shares information on black women who perform in bands. I’ve been looking for some of the most unique groups in history. Particularly, I wanted to find an all-female African American band or maybe a majority female. Have you heard or researched any? any help would be appreciated.

Had to dig deep into my archives to find an all-female all-Black band for you, anon! There is NighTraiN: http://blackwomeninrock.tumblr.com/post/50461076664/the-diss-by-nightrain-by-swpaquiet-all-black.

The new configuration of Straight Line Stitch is also worth consideration, as is Judas Priestess. Judas Priestess is a Judas Priest cover band that has a black lead singer. The rest of the band is white, but they are all-female.

Let me know if you need more, and feel free to go through my archives or search on the blog page! ☻♥

EDIT: Forgot about The Tuts, too! Drummer is black, but lead singer is a PoC and the band is completely female.

Barbara Mason – “Yes I’m Ready” (1973 version)



Barbara Mason – Yes I’m Ready (1973 version)

when she said “QUEEN SIZED BED…” i literally yelped  ”bitch”

b/c she recorded it in the 60s and it was very cute and talking about holding hands and kissin. AND THEN THIS BISH RE-RECORDED IT IN 73, AND WAS LIKE I LEARNT HOW TO DO IT. NOW LEMME SANG ABOUT THIS CURVE AND HOW I SOUND DURING THE EVENT. I KNOW. I’M GROWN.

like bitch.

what kind of growth/ progression on your grown bish hoe shit…like what kind of thot portfolio!?!??!?


The Tuts


CHRISTMAS GIG THIS THURSDAY!! We can’t wait to see you all, it’s gonna be crazyyyy!!!! Thanks @jennylgeorge for the poster! ❄️?❄️?❄️