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The Debut EP ‘B-Side Part I’ from @bibibellatrixx is out now!

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Tumblr Staff Black History Month roundup (featuring Black Women In Rock)


A little music to cap off your Black History Month. Enjoy.

Black Women in Rock (blackwomeninrock)
In classic rock, in modern rock, in genre-defying rock, in devastatingly gorgeous proto-rock. See Sister Rosetta Tharpe, above. Unreal.

Today in Hip Hop History (todayinhiphophistory)
“Mama Said Knock You Out” turned 24 yesterday. How you react to that will determine whether this blog is either your daily history lesson, or your daily wave of crushing nostalgia.

’70s Best Black Albums (70sbestblackalbums)
Still the most premium of decades.

Delta Blues, Folk, Gospel and More (deltabluesfolkgospelandmore)
Take a dip in these, the richest veins of American music. Track after track after track.

fyeahblackrockmusic (blackrockandrollmusic)
The nowest of this batch. Mostly videos. Completely vital.

Jagged Grain: Blues Archive (jaggedgrain)
This blog isn’t really kept up any more, but it’s still an incredible archive. You’re gonna see the best family jam session in history on the same page as Mance Lipscomb’s false teeth.

Just watch. This drummer:

Soooo staff mentioned my blog in a post you guys. Am I Tumblr famous now?

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Imani Uzuri


Dear Family, Here is my interview about my new composition CONJURE WOMAN which has its world premiere Friday March 6th 8pm as part of Avant Music Festival at Wild Project #bliss
photo by Yossi Michaeli

WE LIKE HARDCORE: A Punx of Colour Playlist (8tracks)



WE LIKE HARDCORE: A Punx of Colour Playlist (8tracks)

To celebrate the launch of our first issue of Diaspora Drama, we asked Rita Mikhael (rmkhl) who runs the DIY cassette/zine/art label Summer Isle to curate for us a playlist featuring current poc punk bands from La Misma to Downtown Boys to so much more. We’re all about offbeat and cool people of colour so have a listen!

1. La Misma – Secespita
2. Downtown Boys – Corra
3. Permanent Ruin – Disaster
4. Ooze – Slow Zrch
5. Big Zit – Suhbuh’n Varmun
6. Zipperhead – Sophisto
7. Kurraka – RRAAAH
8. Ivy – Boy’s Gotta Go
9. Big Joanie – Dream Number Nine
10. Blotter – A.U.M
11. In School – Knocked Out
12. Kraxxa – Caged Living
13. Lucha Eterna – La Gran Revancha
14. Malportado Kids – Soy La Pocha
15. OAF – D.W.P
16. RM – New Forms
17. S.H.I.T – Private Lies
18. The Atomic Tanlines – bdsm vs tupac
19. Triage – Fear Eater
20. Venkman – Classic

Oumou Sangare


Mali boasts one of the world’s richest musical traditions, and iconic artists like Ali Farka Toure, Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare (pictured) and Tinariwen. Hear 100 essential songs from Mali, from Afropop Worldwide.

Photo: Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty Images

Beverly Watkins


From: Music Reviews-Eight Women Guitarists

Beverly Watkins is another unheralded guitar heroine who late in life is finally getting some attention. Her first noticeable gig was with Piano Red aka Dr. Feelgood and the Interns. She was the third guitar in that band. It’s unclear as to who exactly was taking each different solo as the other two guitarists Curtis Smith and Roy Lee Johnson (composer of Mr. Moonlight) had similar tones. But if you want to hear early versions of a guitar army you might want to hunt these recordings down. She was recently “rediscovered” and has taken up where she left off, playing a mix of rock-n-roll, R&B, soul, gospel and blues.
Piano Red Tribute  Do the Breakdown  Live in Paris(Back in Business)


#WCW Beverly “Guitar” Watkins: Underground Atlanta Blues – She Shreds Magazine

Watkins was born in 1940 in Georgia, and became interested in guitar as a child. At around age 20, she met Piano Red, a local radio host, and joined his band, Piano Red and the Meter-tones (later known as Dr. Feelgood & The Interns). They are best known for their hits “Dr. Feelgood”, “Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo”, and “Mister Moonlight”, and toured until about 1965.

Nice write up on our friend and regular Willie Mae rock camp performer Beverly Watkins over at sheshredsmag


Bibi Bellatrixx


Bibi Bellatrixx – Lead guitarist of Queens of Sheba, all black all female rock band from the UK!

Bibi Bellatrixx


Bibi Bellatrixx: Note to Self

A song premiere, plus tips for overcoming self-doubt.

Interview by Tayler.