The Interloper – Laina Dawes



Title: The Interloper

Author: Laina Dawes

Release: November 2012

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Description by Laina: A collection articles, essays and interviews with people who are creating, participating and working in art scenes where it is commonly thought they don’t belong based on their ethnicity, gender, age or ability (physical and otherwise) but are making inroads in industries in which they are, perhaps unwittingly breaking new ground.

Table of Contents: 
1. Welcome ( About)
2. Intruder, Pt. 1: Being a Black Audience Member at a concert in which the musical artists are black and the crowd isn’t.
3. Q&A: Tetrarch’s Diamond Rowe
4. Photo Gallery: Afropunk Festival 2012
5. Intruder Pt. 2: Black Writers who write about…..Being Black
6. Album Review: Neurosis, Honour Found in Decay

Where to Buy: Right now it’s only available for $8.44 on MagCloud (plus shipping), but will be coming to physical shops and (hopefully) distros soon. Read more info.

Here’s a sneak peek of the introduction (click the image to enlarge):


Interloper #1: Introduction

Point of awareness: POCZP member Ju

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