Tumblr Staff Black History Month roundup (featuring Black Women In Rock)


A little music to cap off your Black History Month. Enjoy.

Black Women in Rock (blackwomeninrock)
In classic rock, in modern rock, in genre-defying rock, in devastatingly gorgeous proto-rock. See Sister Rosetta Tharpe, above. Unreal.

Today in Hip Hop History (todayinhiphophistory)
“Mama Said Knock You Out” turned 24 yesterday. How you react to that will determine whether this blog is either your daily history lesson, or your daily wave of crushing nostalgia.

’70s Best Black Albums (70sbestblackalbums)
Still the most premium of decades.

Delta Blues, Folk, Gospel and More (deltabluesfolkgospelandmore)
Take a dip in these, the richest veins of American music. Track after track after track.

fyeahblackrockmusic (blackrockandrollmusic)
The nowest of this batch. Mostly videos. Completely vital.

Jagged Grain: Blues Archive (jaggedgrain)
This blog isn’t really kept up any more, but it’s still an incredible archive. You’re gonna see the best family jam session in history on the same page as Mance Lipscomb’s false teeth.

Just watch. This drummer:

Soooo staff mentioned my blog in a post you guys. Am I Tumblr famous now?

Edit: This was before I looked at my notifications lmao. Holy shit. Gonna get around to following all of you beautiful new followers as soon as I get home!

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