Bibi McGill


“A dazzling flurry of sparks emerged as guitarist Bibi McGill stood toe-to-toe with Beyonce, shredding a blazing Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar in all her awesome glory. This year’s Superbowl half-time show had many memorable moments, but none quite like that. In a recent phone interview with, McGill confirmed that the performance was “extremely exciting,” but focused more on her mission to share good energy, love and light through her efforts.

“I’m not thinking about how I look and how it feels to have sparks come out of my guitar,” said McGill. “I’m just kind of up there going, ‘I’ve been given the opportunity to be here. I want to let my light shine, so light shine through me.’”

Here, she speaks about struggling before her big break, almost passing on the “I AM” auditions, and juggling multiple passions at once.” –Patrice Peck

(She has TWO other careers!)

Check out Bibi’s interview HERE.

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