do you know of any black riot grrrls?

First thing that came to mind: Shawna Shawnte’s BestfriendGrrrlfriend. Also Kayla Phillips from Bleed The Pigs (screamer for a hardcore band, not quite riot grrrl but still in the punk family), Poly Styrene (the original, X-Ray Spex), Heavy Flow, Dust Angel, Joy Vay from TV Tramps, Replica, Felony Melony from The Objex.

Honorable mention to Tamar-Kali, Alexis Brown, and Skin. They’re not technically riot grrl or punk but their music and style have that attitude (and aesthetic?) imo.

It is seriously a joy to go through my archives pulling stuff up for anyone who wants information, so please please please ask more questions like this, people! Also, reblog if I forgot to mention anyone!

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