Apollo Heights: White Music For Black People


Apollo Heights: White Music For Black People

There may be several notable Black rock bands most don’t know about, but the debut album from Apollo Heights, White Music For Black People
(released on the Minimal Vinyl label), beckons for your attention. (If
you are old enough, you might be familiar with rocker Screamin’ Jay
Hawkins’ Black Music For White People album, which featured the 1956 hit
“I Put A Spell On You.” The song was included in The Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame’s “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.”)

Danny Chavis
points out that EBONY in the 1960s was the first major publication to
introduce Jimi Hendrix to the world, in addition to introducing other
Black artists who pioneered the sound of rock. Though Hendrix’s
legendary imprint will never fade, Black rock bands still find it hard
to get a record deal, or even get noticed.

The real deal,
according to Honeychild: “They feel threatened that you’re doing ‘the
thing’ that contradicts their concept of what you ‘should be doing.’
People get really uptight about what their concept of ‘Black music’ is
… because our music is so different. Here, as Black people playing
alternative music, everyone’s like, ‘You can’t do that,’ and in Europe
it’s like, ‘Oh, wow, what are you gonna do?!’ It’s completely the other
side of the coin.”

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