Rock & Roll, bless you.


I was going to cover my dashboard with Fefe Dobson. But then I changed the plan. I decided to rant a little. But my rant was starting to get crazy so I changed the plan again. It started when I saw quite a few posts about how no one could think of a woman of color singing rock & roll. The voice in my head immediately sounded like Alex Trebek;

Question: American singer and actress whose career has spanned more than 50 years. She has won numerous awards and her achievements in rock earned her the title The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Now instead of the rant about how rock music started in the black community, and how it makes me sad that people think that rock music ‘belongs’ to whites, I’m just gonna throw you some names other than Fefe that rock.

  • Tina Turner- Undisputed Queen of Rock & Roll. Don’t tell that you’ve heard her sing Proud Mary and didn’t start headbanging and jumping around. Listen to: Proud Mary to start, but go find a greatest hits and just sit there and worship.
  • Grace Jones-Grace, Grace, Grace, where do I start? Singer, model actress, complete icon. Some people might not consider her a rock musician, but if she ain’t a rocker, I don’t know who is. Listen to: Private Life and Corporate Cannibal.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith- She fronts a metal band called Wicked Wisdom. She growls out like the best of ’em, and while she’s not a perfect singer, it’s like Iced-T once said, “Who can sing in rock ‘n’ roll?“  Listen to: Bleed All Over Me and Forgiven
  • Felony Melody- Fronts the band Objex. You should see her mohawk, and her voice is powerful and punk. She melts me. Listen to: Eat This
  • Graph Nobel- She reminds me a little of No Doubt circa Return of Saturn, slow, soft, heartbreaking. Listen to: Fyah
  • Santi White AKA Santogold- The girl is pure rock in my opinion, but with her band Stiffed, she’s seen in the traditional rock band. Listen to: Hold Tight
  • Shingai Shoniwa- Fronts the Noisettes. If Iggy Pop and Billie Holiday had a baby, it’d be Shingai. There are no words that can express my love. Listen to: EVERYTHING! Lol, but go ahead and start with Sister Rosetta, Don’t Upset The Rhythm, and their cover of When You Were Young
  • Skin- She’s a solo artist but mostly fronts Skunk Anansie. The bands sound is "an amalgam of heavy metal and black feminist rage,” and man do I love it. Listen to: Alone In My Room (solo) Secretly (w/SA), and My Ugly Boy (w/SA)
  • Danielia Cotton- A fucking beautiful voice. If you like classic rock, you’ll like Danielia. She’s opened for B.B. King and Lynyrd Skynyrd, how awesome is that?   Listen to: Let It Ride, Make U Move, and Running
  • Sophia Ramos- Where do I start? She is a true rock goddess, I don’t want to give another baby analogy, but if Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin had a baby = Sophia. She’s got an emotional, soulful, take no prisoners voice. Amaaazzzzinnng.   Listen to: Torn Down, Freedom is Over, and Shining Still
  • Lisa Kekaula- Fronts The Bellrays, she’s pure rock & roll, like fire man. Listen to: Infection (the video had a dancing bear!) and Fire On The Moon.
  • Alexis Brown- Fronts Straight Line Stitch. METAL. METAL. METAL. Alexis demands attention, and gets it, with her screaming vocals. Lovvveee. Listen to: Black Veil
  • Janelle Monáe- I consider her a rocker. I think she is progressive and psychedelic. Dude, she’s singing about a girl named Blueberry Mary, fairy gods, the words of Dhammapada, and coming alive like a schizo running wild, all while telling the story of an android in love with a human. Dude, it’s a fucking rock opera. She’s rock & roll. Listen to: Come Alive, Cold War, and Sir Greendown.

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