Black (Rock) History Month – Felice Rosser: Faith (NYC) – Springtime



Felice Rosser is the lead vocalist and bassist of Faith a rock band founded in 1987 and one of the cornerstone early bands of the founding Black Rock Coalition.

From Fear of Music: A Tribute to Black Rock Coalition


The B.R.C. was – and continues to be – a safe place to be different. “For a lot of black musicians, by the time we joined the B.R.C., we’d already been through a lot of shit,” bassist Felice Rosser said recently. Rosser moved to the city from Detroit in 1974 to attend Barnard College. “People at home, in the neighborhood and family members would be like, ‘Why do you like this music? It’s horrible.’” After attending a Patti Smith poetry reading on campus, Rosser subwayed to CBGBs on the Bowery; a few years later, while watching a Talking Heads show, the bass playing of Tina Weymouth inspired her to pick up the instrument.


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