Big Joanie release new 7″ single Crooked Room


After a long wait after our first release, Sistah Punk EP, which was released on Tuff Enuff Records, Big Joanie will release our 7″ single Crooked Room on May 20 on our newly set up label Sistah Punk Records.

The song Crooked Room was inspired by a talk Melissa Harris Perry gave where she compared the way black women have to negotiate our racist, sexist, classist, homophobic society while maintaining a sense of self as trying to find your vertical in a crooked room. 

The song is about how difficult it is for black women to find confidence in themselves and exist in a world that hates them and tells them so on every advert, TV show or magazine.

Thanks to everyone that donated to help make this single a reality. Come celebrate with us at our single launch party at The Shacklewell Arms on Saturday 21st May. We’ll be joined by Little Fists and Teenage Caveman.

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