The Bodysnatchers – “Easy Life”


The Bodysnatchers – “Easy Life”

The Bodysnatchers were an all-female 2 tone/ska band formed in London in the late 70’s. The seven-piece band recorded two singles in 1980 that were released on the Specials’ 2 Tone Records. One contained a pair of danceable tunes—”Let’s Do Rock Steady” (which is their highest charting song, making it to #22 on the British charts in 1980) and “Ruder Than You”. The more compelling single, however, contains the excellent feminist anthem “Easy Life” on the A-side, with the more low-key “Too Experienced” on the flip. There are a couple other songs that exist, most of which were featured on John Peel’s show. (Those can be heard below.) The band were a unit for around two years, playing energetic gigs with bands like the Specials and the Selecter with a repertoire that consisted mostly of covers. The above footage is from the 1981 documentary Dance Craze.

After the Bodysnatchers disbanded, some of the members went on to form a pop/new wave group called the Belle Stars. Vocalist Rhoda Dakar then went on to sing with the Special A.K.A., bringing “The Boiler”, a haunting song about date rape that never got to be recorded by the Bodysnatchers, with her.

More tunes: “Too Experienced” ; “Let’s Do Rock Steady” ; “Ruder Than You” ; “007” (Desmond Dekker cover) ; “The Ghost of the Vox” ; “What’s This?” ; “Happy Time Tune


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