Nice & Rough: Black Women IN Rock Indiegogo Campaign

Hi all! I’ve just got word that the good folks behind Nice & Rough: Black Women IN Rock have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help get their documentary off the ground, and they need YOU to help make it possible!

This project is not directly affiliated with my own, and I found out about them three years after starting my own blog, but I absolutely support what they do and want to help get the word out about them. You can find a treasure trove of interviews and features with various working black rock musicians on their site Nice & Rough. Use their wonderful site as an extra resource to find out more about the plentiful contributions of black women to rock music.

I’ve already contributed to this campaign, and urge you to do the same. As with the Poly Styrene documentary campaign (which recently exceeded its’ set goal), it is very important to get media out there that present the stories of black women who make rock music. Even though we’ve been a part of rock from the start and have given so much to the movement, it’s so easy to make black women invisible in this scene. Projects like these helps to make sure that DOESN’T happen!

The link for the Indiegogo campaign is here: If you can give to this project, please give! If you can’t please, please share! Thank you!

Poly Styrene: “I Am A Cliché” Indiegogo Campaign

At last, the original RiotGrrl is getting her own documentary — or will, if the funds can be raised to make it happen.

Poly Styrene was the first black woman rocker that I ever knew about, and her band X-Ray Spex was the band that got me into punk rock and changed my life forever. Her story needs to be told, and I am urging anyone that can contribute to this project to do so.

The currency being asked for the campaign is the British pound, but you should be able to donate regardless of your location. I was able to donate in dollars.

Let’s make this happen! The Indiegogo page is here: Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché | Indiegogo

Watch Death Metal Angola () online – Amazon Instant Video

Watch Death Metal Angola () online – Amazon Instant Video

Death Metal Angola


Death Metal Angola

Following nearly 40 years of unrelenting war – with every attendant horror – peace and reconstruction are slowly arriving to Angola. Damaged first by the war for independence from Portugal, Angola was then ripped apart by a devastating civil war that orphaned thousands of children. Huambo, Angola’s second largest city, finds 55 of these children in the Okutiuka orphanage under the care of Sonia Ferreira. Sonia’s boyfriend, Wilker Flores, is a death metal guitarist who uses the brutal sounds and rhythms of this hardcore music as a path to healing, or, as Sonia says, “to clear out the debris from all these years of war.”

DEATH METAL ANGOLA tracks Wilker and Sonia’s dream – to stage Angola’s first-ever national rock concert, bringing together members from different strands of the Angolan hardcore scene from different provinces – as it unfolds in fits and starts against the bombed out and mined backdrop of the formerly stately Huambo. Rubble and deconstructed spaces provide scenic reminders of whyhardcore music has gained a foothold.

What initially looks like a Quixotic undertaking gains momentum, aided by social media and propelled by members of the various branches of the death metal hardcore underground, who join together to stage the event. Raucous and righteous, DMA’s look at a rock show off the grid is fulfilling, haunting, and real.

More Info: Here

Punk In Africa


75-minute ‘Punk In Africa’ Mixtape compilation from DJ Zhao featuring tracks from South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Cong, Mozambique and Tanzania.