Black History Month: Joyce Kennedy

Joyce Kennedy (born 1948 in Anguilla, MS) is one of the lead vocalists for funk rock band Mother’s Finest. Joyce began her singing career after moving to Chicago as a child, and recorded the song “Darling I Still Love You” for Ran-Dee Records. She formed Mother’s Finest in the early 1970s with Glenn Murdock, whom she also married. The band saw three albums go gold: Mother’s Finest, Another Mother Further, and Mother Factor.

Mother’s Finest were the opening act for bands such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and The Who. Their songs and albums have explored a variety of social issues, including the seeming conundrum of being (mostly) black rock and roll artists with songs such as “Niggizz Can’t Sing Rock and Roll” and the album Black Radio Won’t Play This Record.

Joyce also has a solo career, reaching number 2 on the Billboard R&B Charts and number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the song “The Last Time I Made Love” (duet with Jeffrey Osbourne). She toured for the last time with Mother’s Finest in 2017.

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Nona Hendryx on black women & rock music

From an Interview w/BRM:

In terms of what you were [just] saying…  it’s not that easy for black women to be accepted doing hard rock. I was wondering how it was for you thirty years ago when you were doing that. Did you run up against any obstacles at the time?

“Many obstacles and the obstacles were on both sides of the street, the white side of the street, in terms of, this is not your music, which I felt was not true because I’m from Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Rock comes from there. And from the black side, well, you know, you were more acceptable if you were doing R&B or funk, but even funk was not acceptable. R&B was more acceptable. I did get that from the business side, not from the audience. That’s where you had these categories that you’re supposed to fit into, and if you don’t, then they don’t know what to do with you.”

Mother’s Finest to be honored: Atlanta band to be inducted into Georgia Music Hall of Fame

Mother’s Finest to be honored: Atlanta band to be inducted into Georgia Music Hall of Fame

News Article: “Film. The Legendary Betty Davis Gets the Biopic Treatment with ‘Nasty Gal.’”


Film. The Legendary Betty Davis Gets the Biopic Treatment with ‘Nasty Gal.’

8tracks #BlackWomenInRock playlist


Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Black Women In Rock playlist ( by jaleesa-l.

New songs added! This playlist is sourced from my own personal collection, so I can basically only add songs I’ve bought lol. Check it out!

Betty Davis


Last night Joi took me to see Fishbone on Betty Davis’ birthday. Here she is with her good friend and leader of the band, fucking Angelo Moore. Legendary punk funk God and Goddess. Black rock royalty. (at The Federal Bar – Long Beach)

Betty Davis


The incredible Ms. Betty Davis: funk/rock trailblazer.1973, Howard University homecoming #bettydavis #naturalhair #slay #afropunk #blackgirlmagic #beauty

Shea Rose and Joyce Kennedy


Two of my favorites…Shea Rose and the legendary Joyce Kennedy. Rock on ladies!

Joyce Kennedy


One of my all time heroes, Ms. Baby Jean.

Lead Singer of US Funk Rock Super Group MOTHERS FINEST.

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