Great blog!! Just want to let you know Adiam Dymott’s long awaited follow up album entitled “black wedding” is scheduled to be released August 26. Hope she continues in the same rock style of her first LP

Yes, finally some new music from Adiam! So storytime…she was the second black woman rocker I came across, I think by accident on actually. And once I realized Poly Styrene wasn’t the only one out there, I understood that I needed to make this blog to try and find more. And I definitely did find more!

Adiam – “Money Talks”


Adiam Dymott with Augustifamiljen AC/DC “Money Talks” cover på spåret

[ thanks to some youtube digging and sniffing around facebook fan pages I was able to find this super rare Adiam Dymott cover of AC/DC’s “Money Talks” ripped from Swedish television from back in January of 2012. It took me over a YEAR to discover this clip’s existence and I’m a huge Adiam fan. I hope that she is making music somewhere, somehow, would LOVE a proper studio LP follow-up to her 2009 album ]


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