Oh and some of the bands I recommended are hard to find so if you need links or anything let me know.

Thank you again!! It’s always a pleasure when I come across artists or bands that I didn’t know about, and since I have a personal bias towards punk and metal it’s doubly awesome when the black women artists I discover are in these types of bands. Thank you thank you thank you!!

EDIT: @gates-of-horn-and-ivory I probably forgot about this since it rarely gets used, but I actually have a submit page for people to drop in media from artists I haven’t featured on this blog yet. Sometimes people use it to promote their own bands, but I set it up both for that and for people to give me stuff I don’t have already! I love submissions, and definitely mind you submitting anything you’d like for the bands you brought to my attention. Thanks!

do you know of any black riot grrrls?

First thing that came to mind: Shawna Shawnte’s BestfriendGrrrlfriend. Also Kayla Phillips from Bleed The Pigs (screamer for a hardcore band, not quite riot grrrl but still in the punk family), Poly Styrene (the original, X-Ray Spex), Heavy Flow, Dust Angel, Joy Vay from TV Tramps, Replica, Felony Melony from The Objex.

Honorable mention to Tamar-Kali, Alexis Brown, and Skin. They’re not technically riot grrl or punk but their music and style have that attitude (and aesthetic?) imo.

It is seriously a joy to go through my archives pulling stuff up for anyone who wants information, so please please please ask more questions like this, people! Also, reblog if I forgot to mention anyone!

I see that your website shares information on black women who perform in bands. I’ve been looking for some of the most unique groups in history. Particularly, I wanted to find an all-female African American band or maybe a majority female. Have you heard or researched any? any help would be appreciated.

Had to dig deep into my archives to find an all-female all-Black band for you, anon! There is NighTraiN: http://blackwomeninrock.tumblr.com/post/50461076664/the-diss-by-nightrain-by-swpaquiet-all-black.

The new configuration of Straight Line Stitch is also worth consideration, as is Judas Priestess. Judas Priestess is a Judas Priest cover band that has a black lead singer. The rest of the band is white, but they are all-female.

Let me know if you need more, and feel free to go through my archives or search on the blog page! ☻♥

EDIT: Forgot about The Tuts, too! Drummer is black, but lead singer is a PoC and the band is completely female.

Re: rxqueennn

rxqueennn said: Ah, that’s fair enough! I know what you mean about it not being groundbreaking but I guess it’s a start 🙂 It makes us realise we’re not the only ones going through those things so it’s more of a comforting thing for me. Its cool youre into hardcore!

Well said. And it’s cool for me too! 😀 I NEVER see black women when I go to shows, though I will usually see at least one other black man. We definitely need to represent!

Re: rxqueennn

Missing e’s reblog feature isn’t working for some reason:

rxqueennn said: Really? Aw, that sucks. I seemed to relate to everything in that book. I think it’s because I listen to hardcore, one of the genres she talked about often throughout the book. Made me feel empowered to carry on loving hardcore as much as I do

Yeah, I’m primarily into the hardcore scene as well, and it seemed to me like she talked more about metal and the lack of black metal chicks than anything. I found a lot of the stuff she talked about relatable, I just didn’t find anything in the book groundbreaking. I don’t know why I expected that. I did find her story and experiences valuable though, and would like more women into alternative scenes to share their stories!