Review: Tetrarch’s “Freak” LP – Very dark, very heavy.

I finally got my hands on Tetrarch’s new LP Freak, which is a fail on my part because I didn’t realize the whole album was out already! I’ve been waiting for what felt like 84 years for new music from this band, and this thing has been out nearly two full months and I didn’t even realize it.

Freak is a full album, which already makes it wonderful in my eyes. The only thing that sucked about Relentless was that it was too short. Relentless had more of a hard driving, onwards to battle metal sound, but Freak takes a chilled out, nü-metal direction. A couple of songs harken back to Tetrarch’s previous sound (“Oddity” and “Break The Trend”) but most of the album has a KoRn/Slipknot sort of feel to it.

It’s a different sound, and Tetrarch does it well. I highly recommend checking this album out if you’re into metal or hard rock music. The album can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon Music, and can also be streamed on Spotify. Tetrarch is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so show them love!

Black Women In Metal: Part 2

This is a continuation of our Black Women In Metal series. View Part 1 here!

Black women instrumentalists are numerous, and play vital roles in a wide variety of metal bands. Here are five more talented black women who rock out the stage.

Alessandra Sbrana – Drummer for Botswana metal band Skinflint. Skinflint represents a vibrant metal scene in the African country, as discussed in this short documentary clip. Facebook page:

Luanna Nascimento – Screamer/vocalist for Brazilian band Visceral Leishmaniasis. One of the most brvtal black women I’ve come across while running this blog. If you’re into death metal and needed to see a black woman as the focal point, this band is for you. You won’t be disappointed. Facebook page:

Larissa Pires – Screamer/vocalist for Brazilian band Retaliação Infernal. Another brvtal lady that leads a death metal/grindcore outfit. Anoher one to check out for the more extreme music fans. Facebook page:

Cierra White – Drummer for several Colorado-based metal bands: Morbid Asphyxiation, Oak Ash and Thorn, and Mount Cairn. Facebook pages for: Morbid Asphyxiation, Oak Ash and Thorn:, and Mount Cairn:

Diamond Rowe – Lead guitarist for Atlanta-based Tetrarch. Beyond awesome at guitar shredding and is awesome live. Facebook page:

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week!

Photo Credits: Alessandra Sbrana (Skinflint FB Page), Luanna Nascimento (The Female Vocalists of Extreme Music), Larissa Pires (Retaliação Infernal FB Page), Cierra White (Oak Ash & Thorn FB page)

8tracks #BlackWomenInRock playlist


Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Black Women In Rock playlist ( by jaleesa-l.

New songs added! This playlist is sourced from my own personal collection, so I can basically only add songs I’ve bought lol. Check it out!



From my shoot last week with @tetrarchmusic

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#DiamondRowe is the lead guitarist for the up and coming #TrashMetal band #Tetrarch who has made a notable impact in her time in the public eye. Shouldering the pressures of being a woman in the male dominated genre of #Metal. Her undeniable rhythm and lead abilities have made believes of the rudest of skeptics. #BlackWomenInMetal #BlackHistoryMonth

Female Fronted Band Confessions – Alexis Brown



I get really frustrated at the lack of black women in metal, hardcore, rock (and other such genres). Do we not have a place in music unless its for us to shake our asses and flash our tits. On a side note I dont think Straight Line Stitch has been mentioned at all (I could be wrong). An amazing band fronted by a kick ass black chick whose singing and screaming can outdo any man!

(Straight Line Stitch has been mentioned a couple of times and Alexis separately too, check out the tag if you’re interested 🙂 )

It’s really more of a lack of representation than a lack of women. No one is really going to push a black woman out into mainstream media that doesn’t serve conventional narratives about who and what black women are because it doesn’t serve the status quo. No matter how talented the women involved actually are, you’re not going to hear about them. You have black women playing every instrument in bands like these, black women fronting these bands, but because of the lack of representation no one knows about these women and everyone thinks that we’re just not out here, or that there’s just one or two who do this sort of thing. It’s the way I used to think.

Hence the reason my blog came to be. I had an obsessive need to collect every woman related to rock music that I could find in one place just to prove that there’s isn’t just one or two of us out here, and so far (with a lot of help!) I’ve been incredibly successful. It’s up to us to represent ourselves.

Reminding myself to tag this post specifically with all of the women I’ve found related to metal and hardcore/punk, which is a fraction of the black women I’ve found that do general rock music as a whole.

The Interloper – Laina Dawes



Title: The Interloper

Author: Laina Dawes

Release: November 2012

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Description by Laina: A collection articles, essays and interviews with people who are creating, participating and working in art scenes where it is commonly thought they don’t belong based on their ethnicity, gender, age or ability (physical and otherwise) but are making inroads in industries in which they are, perhaps unwittingly breaking new ground.

Table of Contents: 
1. Welcome ( About)
2. Intruder, Pt. 1: Being a Black Audience Member at a concert in which the musical artists are black and the crowd isn’t.
3. Q&A: Tetrarch’s Diamond Rowe
4. Photo Gallery: Afropunk Festival 2012
5. Intruder Pt. 2: Black Writers who write about…..Being Black
6. Album Review: Neurosis, Honour Found in Decay

Where to Buy: Right now it’s only available for $8.44 on MagCloud (plus shipping), but will be coming to physical shops and (hopefully) distros soon. Read more info.

Here’s a sneak peek of the introduction (click the image to enlarge):


Interloper #1: Introduction

Point of awareness: POCZP member Ju

Tetrarch (with Diamond Rowe) at The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA (Jan. 2015)

Tetrarch and The Stronghold at The Masquerade (January 10, 2015)

Fantastic show!



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Good album