Beyonce, Bibi McGill, and Divinity Roxx


Beyoncé performing ‘Single Ladies(Put a Ring on it) like the Boss she is at the American Music Awards. 2008.

Divinity Roxx


The beauty in this pic is Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx is an acclaimed bass player, rapper and producer.  From 2001-2005, she was a featured member of Victor Wooten’s live show and can be heard on two of Wooten’s albums, Live in America and Soul Circus.  Since 2006, she has been touring the world with megastar Beyoncé, and is featured in the music icon’s current DVD collection, including The Beyoncé ExperienceI Am…Sasha Fierce and I Am…Yours.

Divinity is developing her own signature bass guitar with Warwick and is currently serving as a faculty member at Bootsy Collins’ Funk University.  She is also recording a solo CD, scheduled for release in 2011

Divinity Roxx


Black Girls Rock!!

This is hella late but i always wondered who the girl killing it on the bass with beyonce was. Her name is Divinity Roxx! Im gonna spend some of my free time next week web stalking her.

Ps. I love black girls with neat locs

Divinity Roxx – “Black Betty” – Lead Belly cover


SONG OF THE DAY: Divinity Roxx – “Black Betty”


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Divinity Roxx:

So true story.

My boyfriend went to school with this chick, and apparently everyone thought she was crazy for wanting to learn to play bass.

This is a KEY EXAMPLE of why you shouldn’t listen to naysayers. EVER.