Black Women In Punk: Part 2

First Row: Toni Young (photo by Jim Saah), Santi White (photo by Jonathan Wood), Fefe Dobson (photo by Bill King) 2nd Row: Libby Hodges, Yvonne Ducksworth (photo by Denis Barthel)

Toni Young: Toni Young was the bassist for 80s hardcore punk band Red C. The band was part of the 80s Washington DC punk scene, and was featured on the pivotal hardcore compilation Flex Your Head. Tragedy befell the bend in 1985, when Toni died of complications from pneumonia. Suggested Song: Assassin

Santi White: Before Santi White burst onto the indie scene as Santigold, she was in a punk band based out of Pennsylvania called Stiffed. Formed in the early 2000s, the band released two albums – Sex Sells (2003), and Burned Again (2005). Santi also had ties to another black woman rocker Res, helping to co-write and co-produce Res’ debut album How I Do. Santi started her solo career as Santigold in 2007, with the release of her solo debut Santogold. She still releases music as Santigold, with her latest album 99¢ having been released in 2015. More Information: Wikipedia. Suggested Song: What You Gone Do

Fefe Dobson: Fefe Dobson entered the music scene as an 18 year old in 2003, riding the pop punk wave that was in fashion at the time. Her early sound was comparable to other acts out during this period, such as Avril Lavigne and Kelly Osbourne. She’s had a stable career since, having released her last album Joy in 2010. Originally destined by Jive recording executives to be a pop artist, Fefe wanted to take her music in a different direction and left the label as a result. This led to Fefe releasing her debut self-titled album on Island Records instead. More Information: Wikipedia. Suggested Song: Take Me Away

Libby Hodges: Libby Hodges formed the punk band Girl Trash in 1983. The band was all women, and featured Libby as lead singer along with her sister Doni on Guitar, and Julie and Robin Kerry on keyboards and guitar respectively. Libby was influenced by punk bands such as Dead Kennedys, Plasmatics, and black punk band Pure Hell. The band tragically and abruptly ended after the Kerry sisters were attacked and murdered. More Information: Livejournal post, slashmeup post Instagram: vampirelibby

Yvonne Ducksworth: Yvonne is the lead singer for punk/metal German band Jingo De Lunch. The band was formed in 1987, and released several albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in addition to live albums in the late 200s. Jingo De Lunch broke up in 2012. Yvonne was also a singer for other punk bands in the early 1980s, including Combat Not Conform and Manson Youth. She is also an actress and TV presenter, appearing on the 1994 show Metalla (which focused on the hardcore and metal scenes) on the German TV channel VIVA. More Information: on Jingo De Lunch – on Yvonne DucksworthSuggested Song: Seen and Done

Libby Hodges


LIBBY HODGES – I have been a punk since the Summer of 1982, learning about bands such as Dead Kennedys, Plasmatics, and the all Black punk band Pure Hell. That helped me out a lot with my parents because they kept saying Black kids do not listen to this music or dress like that. They and I did not know at that the punk distinctive dress (leather, jackets, shaved heads, combat boots) was borrowed from Black/Caribbean dock rockers better known as the rude boys of England back in the 1960s, a/k/a the teddy boys or original skinheads. My dad who was an American who played Reggae/Calypso music in St. Louis, MO down on Gas Light Square also borrowed the rude boys dress code. Later on he became a Black Muslim but kept the rude boy dress code. Even today in his seventies he still wears the combat boots, cuffed jeans and a t-shirt. When I adopted the dress for myself my friends always commented, “your dad dresses like a punk but acts like a nerd.” In reality we were dressing like him and were too young and uneducated about history and the world to see the connection. I was a band in St. Louis called Girl Trash. The members were Jill Rossman, lead guitar, Lisa Anzalone-bass, Donalda Hodges-guitar/vocals, Libby Hodges-lead vocals and back up vocals, drummer unknown (I do not remember her name, only that she left St. Louis to play with another band in Chicago), Julie Kerry- keyboards/lyrics, Robin Kerry-lyrics, guest vocals. We played from 1987 to 1989. Julie Kerry and Robin Kerry were both raped and killed.. After Julie and Robin were killed I completely gave up music myself and turned instead to writing vampire novels. I really enjoyed playing in this band and it would be great to find the rest of the living members. (Libby Hodges, [New Entry 11/28/06]