Black Women In Metal: Part 3



Far from being an anomaly, black women play extremely important roles in a variety of rock acts. This includes a number of metal acts. Here are five more ladies who shred and scream in metal bands. This is a continuation of the Metal series. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

Dana James (Helms Alee): Dana James plays bass for this stoner/sludge inspired metal band Helms Alee. High-quality music, recommended if you like laid-back metal like Torche and Baroness. Bandcamp page:

Militia Vox: The lead vocalist for the Judas Priest cover band Judas Priestess, and also works as a solo artist. Facebook page:

Goldgrrl (Erzulie): Lead vocalist for Chicago-based metal band Erzulie and an all-around awesome person. Their sound is reminiscent of Plasmatics-esque punk metal. Facebook page:

Jada Pinkett Smith (Wicked Wisdom): Yes the actress! Besides acting, she is in a heavy metal band called Wicked Wisdom, who got to play Ozzfest a few years back. Facebook page:

Kiyoe Krista Fluker: Guitarist for Harlequin and former bassist for Fortress of Empyrean. Based in Los Angeles. Facebook page for Harlequin:

Photo Credits: Dana James (Helms Alee Bandcamp Page), Militia Vox (Facebook page), Goldgrrl (Erzulie Facebook page), Jada Pinkett Smith (Wicked Wisdom Facebook Page), Kiyoe Krista Fluker (Harlequin Facebook page)

Part 4 is coming up next week to conclude the series!

Chatting with metal goddess Militia Vox

Chatting with metal goddess Militia Vox

I see that your website shares information on black women who perform in bands. I’ve been looking for some of the most unique groups in history. Particularly, I wanted to find an all-female African American band or maybe a majority female. Have you heard or researched any? any help would be appreciated.

Had to dig deep into my archives to find an all-female all-Black band for you, anon! There is NighTraiN:

The new configuration of Straight Line Stitch is also worth consideration, as is Judas Priestess. Judas Priestess is a Judas Priest cover band that has a black lead singer. The rest of the band is white, but they are all-female.

Let me know if you need more, and feel free to go through my archives or search on the blog page! ☻♥

EDIT: Forgot about The Tuts, too! Drummer is black, but lead singer is a PoC and the band is completely female.